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About Global Air Charter

Global Air Charter by Golden Wings Aviation

Globalaircharter.com by Golden Wings Aviation is an international air charter solutions broker. Our mission is to provide high-quality and tailored air travel solutions to individuals, corporations, and governments. We operate domestically and internationally, providing convenient travel options for reaching virtually any destination.

As part of our commitment to our clients, we are dedicated to offering the utmost comfort and luxury. We aim to deliver exceptional service at every stage of our air charter solutions. From selecting an aircraft and arranging a travel date to reaching your destination, we focus on your convenience and satisfaction.

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Who Are We?

Our company was founded by former aviation executives with decades of industry experience, ranging from operating VVIP to scheduled airline aircraft. We also employ a highly experienced, talented team of aviation and customer service professionals to attend to your every need.

Along with skilled staff, we offer access to some of the most popular private jets. Expansive cabin interiors and technological enhancements allow you to reach your destination in complete luxury.


When you charter a jet through Globalaircharter.com, a dedicated associate assists you with your travel arrangements. From arranging an in-flight meal or entertainment to custom flight schedules, we can accommodate your specific needs.

Here are a few of the benefits of chartering a private jet for your next trip:

  • Private terminal access
  • Access to remote airports
  • Custom flight schedules
  • Enhanced security
  • Global charter solutions
  • Flying on a private jet


At Globalaircharter.com, we work to make traveling the skies easier. Our experienced team ensures that every client receives an unrivaled level of service. We provide jet charter service for both business and leisure travel.

Busy professionals can enjoy the convenience of air travel without the hassles associated with scheduled airline services. With our air charter solutions, you receive quicker check-ins, faster transit times, and access to the most luxurious aircraft available.

 Flying on a private jet simplifies your travel plans. You may avoid long queues and delays with private terminal access, allowing you to board just minutes before take-off. Private charters provide access to a larger selection of airports. Some commercial airlines cannot reach remote locations or may not offer routes to the airport closest to your destination.

You also benefit from custom flight schedules. We work around your schedule and can even arrange for connections with commercial flights. Our air charter services deliver superior security and discretion. You receive complete privacy and a safe flight as we follow the most rigorous safety regulations and standards. Private flights also keep you from dealing with crowded terminals and commercial flights.

Where do you want to travel? We provide international air charter to help you reach your destination faster and with greater convenience. Eliminate the stress of arranging your next trip. Take to the skies with efficient air charterservices from a trusted broker with years of experience.