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Stop worrying about your cargo reaching its destination on time. Use a private Air Cargo Charter Services Online to assist with the logistics of your operations. Air cargo charter is a convenient option for urgent freight deliveries and reaching remote destinations. At Global Air Charter, we ensure that your freight arrives on time and in perfect condition. We can provide the right aircraft for any size load. Explore air cargo solutions for disaster relief, animal transport, and all types of specialized cargo.

why use air charter for moving your freight?

Air cargo charter provides a personalized solution for delivering freight to any destination in the world. It is a convenient option when commercial flights may not meet your needs, such as:

  • Delivering large specialized shipments
  • Sending cargo that is restricted on commercial flights
  • Dealing with emergency shipments

Commercial airlines and standard shipping companies are not always the most effective option for transporting cargo. Commercial cargo planes depart at set times and come with a variety of restrictions. They may also lack the space needed for large, specialized shipments.

For example, you may need to transport animals or supplies for disaster relief. These shipments require special considerations, such as available cargo space on the aircraft. Chartering a plane to deliver your cargo provides much more flexibility. You can arrange emergency shipments of almost any size to any destination in the world.

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why should you consider using ACMI service?

No one wants to cut their trip short due to a medical issue. Unfortunately, emergencies can occur anywhere, including your vacation destination or business conference.

Arranging a private air ambulance provides many advantages for dealing with overseas health problems:

  • Reach a suitable medical facility sooner
  • Receive proper medical attention
  • Enjoy the convenience of a private flight

Air ambulances can often help patients reach distant medical facilities much more quickly compared to ground transport. Roads and highways rarely provide a direct path from one point to the next. Aircraft take to the skies and travel at faster speeds, resulting in swifter medical transfers.

Patients also receive medical attention throughout the trip. Doctors and nurses are on board to ensure that the patient arrives safely. Chartering an air ambulance also eliminates many of the hassles related to booking a commercial flight. Patients receive more space and the convenience of private flights, such as private airport terminals and custom travel times.


 What type of cargo can I ship?"

Private charters allow you to ship almost anything. Keep in mind that you still need to deal with governmental or territorial restrictions. For example, many countries have a list of banned or restricted items that may require additional arrangements. 

How far in advance should I charter my cargo aircraft?

You do not need advance notice to charter a cargo flight. After you provide us with the details of your cargo and intended destination, we begin looking for available airline operators. Depending on the location and availability of suitable aircraft, you may have your cargo loaded and in the air within a few hours. 

Are there any limitations on where I can ship cargo to and from?

There are no specific limitations on the pickup location or shipment destination. The only limitation is the availability of aircraft and a landing strip. Private cargo planes can reach destinations that are not available with standard  shipping companies, including remote islands or rural areas with no major airports.

If you want to add aircraft to your fleet or launch a new airline without purchasing aircraft and crew or dealing with maintenance and insurance, contact the experts at Global Air Charter. Allow us to find the right ACMI solution based on your needs. Contact us today!